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           Amma Services is a young and dynamic company that believes in creating and building sustainable systems for business. Offering a host of specialized services, we customize solutions to enable businesses to optimize resources and increase productivity and profits. Our focus is to provide the client a unique edge that would empower resources and accelerate growth. Our team of architects and system professionals always seek to re-invent conventional ways of design, process and application to give the solution a multi-dimensional utility.


           Promoted by a team of individuals who are committed to adding value and standardizing process techniques, Amma Services considers every technological platform as an avenue to explore and arrive at efficient and effective solutions. We believe in lateral expansion as it allows us to stay competent and abreast with the recent advancements in every space of technology, and business processes. At Amma Services we align every activity to an attribute or characteristic of ours

           Ensure customer focus in every process and activity. Ensure that communication with the customer is always seamless and all queries are responded proactively. Consistently practice a uniform code of communication when it comes to understanding customer requirement and delivering solutions. Passionately pursue every customer interaction or meeting with the motive to achieve a long standing and mutually beneficial partnership


          With our diverse aspirations and accelerated growth pace, we at Amma Services understand the importance of managing knowledge and talent. While capturing, distributing and effectively using knowledge is one key focus of the organization, our deployment of the right talent in the right role is another prime focus. By relentlessly pursuing for perfection in these two spheres, we believe to achieve quality of premier standards.


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