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Amma Services provides wide range of services to their customers starting from operations management to advising senior IT management on IT strategy development. Irrespective of the client and service offered, the quality, precision and efficiency with which the service is delviered will match the high standards that we've set for ourselves.

IT Strategy Development


For any organization to succeed in business in this digital world, a robust strategy for IT and sustenance is required. Amma Services understands this key requirement and provide consultancy senior IT management of our clients build a sustainable IT strategy and continuously develop it to meet the ever changing business requirements of the organizations

Service Transition & Delivery


With ever changing landscape of IT services, it is important to ensure that all those services are effectively and consistently managed to maintain standards of customer experience and ease of usability. Amma Services have over 20+ years of experience in service transition & delivery without service degradation

​Operations Management


Amma Services can design, build, deploy and operations management for organization of any size against stringent yet sustainable SLA that ensures service availability and reliability across the globe and all time zones.

IT Efficiency & Optimization Services


Amma Services have multiple years of experience in advising senior IT managers around service efficiency and optimization which ensures consistent ROI across all systems and services

​Cloud Services


Every CIO today faces a nearly impossible challenge of reducing IT costs in the era of reducing budgets. Cloud Services if leveraged appropriately can help CIOs to meet this challange effectively. Amma Services have consultants with a decade experience in designing and migrating IT infrastructure to public and private clouds 

​Infrastructure Management


With IT infrastructure today spanning across data centres, cloud providers and virtual platforms, a versatile managed services provider is of significant importance. Amma Services with over 20+ years of experience in hosting and providing infrastructure management is a key differentiator since all services offered are duly tailored to meet the requirements of each of our customers who may have different service and solution needs

​Data Management


With ever increasing volume of data that is being stored across different storage devices, data management is a key challenge for any organization.With data stored both in structured and unstructured storages, it is imperative for organziations to apply data classification and optimize discovery of data across all storages. Amma Services have developed unique algorithm when combined with several market tools can provide efficient data management for organizations with distributed data storages that can deliver both data management and data leak protection

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